Bonus Slice: Jozarelli’s Italian Street Food

Bonus Slice - Because sometimes pizza once a week is not enough.

Today, on MLK day, many people had the day off. You were a fool if you had the day off and didn’t take full advantage of the beautiful 70 degree Tucson weather. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones with the day off, but thankfully when you work downtown, entertainment is never too far away.

For the better part of the day, the Tucson Jazz Festival provided free entertainment, with an eclectic mix of Latin jazz and food trucks set up, taking over half a city block. I broke for lunch, and headed down to the festivities. I was surprised by the size of the crowd, people filled almost all the temporary seating that was set up, lots were standing, and all the long dining tables were full. It makes me happy to see things like this well attended in this city. I love the diversity in Tucson, and on MLK day, it felt especially fitting to see the community coming together over food and music. 


Tucson Jazz Festival 2016 - MLK Stage
Tucson Jazz Festival 2016 – MLK Stage

As much as I enjoyed the music, let’s be honest, I was there for the food trucks. I locked eyes and stomach on Jozarelli’s Italian Street Food. I’ve seen this truck around, and trying more pizza food trucks has been on my radar, so I seized this opportunity.


Jozarelli's Food Truck
Jozarelli’s Food Truck

The line was long, but the gentleman taking orders was friendly. Their pizzas are 8″ pies, and range in price from $7-$10. You can choose from several specialty pizzas, or create your own. I’ll also add they also have pizza fries.

Wanting to keep it simple, I ordered a cheese pizza, and added basil pesto, for a grand total of $8.

They were definitely a popular truck, so they were pretty backed up with orders. I always cut food trucks some slack with wait times. I mean, I couldn’t make a tasty pizza out of the back of my car any faster than they were turning out fries, pizzas, calzones, and salads. They didn’t get my order right the first time, but made it right for me.


Cheese w/ Basil Pesto
Cheese w/ Basil Pesto

Crust: Crisp, could have been a bit crispier. There was a nice mix of italian herbs mixed in that gave it a great flavor, which was unexpected. I think this added a lot to this small and tasty pie.

Toppings: Kept it veggie. The basil pesto was on point, and the quality of the mozzarella was good. Cheese had a nice stretch-factor.

Sauce: This didn’t stand out as much as the crust, but had a nice balance of salt and sweetness from the tomatoes.

When you see this truck out and about, it’s definitely worth a try.


Find them on Twitter for their upcoming locations. @Jozarellis

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