Week 1: Chariot Pizza

When January 1st rolls around, most people are planning fitness goals, purging their fridges and pantries of tasty unmentionable items, and taking advantage of cheap gym sign-ups. But not I. Instead, as the new year approached, I was fast and furiously trying to get my footing with WordPress and researching every pizza place I could within a 100 mile radius, plotting out how I would accomplish the goal of eating at 52 new pizza places this year and who would be on that list.

Things were moving along great, until out of nowhere -BAM- a cold descended upon my household. Progress slowed and when it came down time to visit the inaugural pizza place of my choosing, it was clear that I should not be sitting in public trying to enjoy a meal.

So plan B.

Except I didn’t have a plan B. (Because I am always so confident that plan A will succeed, duh.)

So I opted for plan G. (That’s Google.) And within seconds, I was able to make a plan B.

Chariot Pizza. http://chariotpizza.com/

It wasn’t my first choice, but it certainly wasn’t a bad choice. From what I can surmise from this really intense flyer that would make any of my graphic design friends go cross-eyed they have been a family owned pizza place in Tucson for over 21 years, with 2 different locations.


Chariot Pizza Menu
Chariot Pizza Menu

After a quick glance at their website, I found the thing that sealed the deal for me, online ordering through Eat Street. There’s a small fee for using the online ordering system, but in my recovery state, it was money well spent.

On first approach, Chariot doesn’t look like much. It’s nestled unassumingly in a stripmall, with a modest interior that reminds you of pizza parlors past. Not too busy, and it seemed like carry-out was the way to go, because many were there for pick up.

Normally, AP and I can take down a large pizza (okay, maybe sometimes an extra large pizza) ourselves, but for the purposes of 365pizzagrateful.com, I am changing it up. Ordering 2 mediums for the sake of having a variety. This proved to be WAY more pizza than we could handle, but maybe that’s the cold still talking. I’m still contemplating the best way to break down and these reviews, in a quick and simple way, so I’m sure this will evolve, but here’s what we’ll go with for now:

Crust: Thin & Chewy w/ a decent amount of those tasty pizza bubbles(you know what I’m talking about)
Toppings: Average quality. We had the Rocky’s Special & the Vegetarian Delight
Sauce: Light, and Pretty Non-descript

Rocky's Special

Vegetarian Delight
Overall, these pizzas were a great value. The Vegetarian Delight was the clear winner between these two specialty pizzas ordered off the menu as is. The most flavorful with a garlic butter crust. However the amount of toppings made it a little difficult to eat. As with some veggie pizzas, a large amount of toppings can also lead to a soggy center, and it did for this pizza. If I lived near a Chariot Pizza, I could see it being the quick and easy option for getting a good slice on a weeknight. I give it 3 slices. 🍕🍕🍕

So that’s it. The first of 52 posts devoted to trying a new pizza place that I have never had before. You can follow along as I try new pizza places and maybe even visit some that I just can’t go too long without having. We’ll also be posting pizza news and the occasional freezer pizza post. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. It would warm my pizza loving heart. And, if there are any pizza criteria you’d like to see rated, tell me about it in the comments below.

Piece. 🍕

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