2015: Pizza Highlights

Pizza of 2015
Snapshot of pizza in 2015
Pizza of 2015
Some pizza highlights of 2015.

Most of the pizza we consumed was local (Tucson is home), but we managed to snag a few slices in Vegas and Phoenix. These are most of our “go-to” places when we’re craving a slice, either by way of convenience, or following some hype. This year, we’re trying all new places. It’s not to say that these are off limits, but we’ve got to expand out pizza pallet. The more you know right?

Here’s just a brief rundown of some of the pizza we enjoyed in 2015.

Brooklyn Pizza Company

Sauce Pizza & Wine

Broadway Pizza Cafe

Arizona Pizza Company

Empire Pizza & Pub

Reilly Craft Pizza

Jimmy’s Pizzeria

Fired Pie

Pizzeria Bianco

800 Degrees Pizza

Upper Crust Pizza

Rocco’s Little Chicago

No Anchovies


Copper Blues Live!

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