Week 19: Arizona Pizza Company – Broadway

Popeye Pizza - Arizona Pizza Company

Arizona Pizza Company in Tucson is on my list of top spots to grab a slice in Tucson. There are two locations in town, but the location that is more convenient for me is the Broadway location. This Arizona Pizza Company, shares it’s parking lot with a Peter Piper Pizza (although it wasn’t always like that.) Despite sharing real estate with popular pizza chain, AZP stands strong, and gets packed on the weekends, and especially packed if there’s any sort of Arizona pro or University of Arizona team playing. (The second location is actually a nice pit stop on a long bike ride, if said bike ride includes being  near that intersection.

The night we visited was sports free, but sitting at the bar, there is no shortage of cold beer and good company around. They usually have a pretty decent drink selection, as well as a fully stocked bar.

The breakdown:

Toppings: Our go-to pie here is the Popeye. As the name suggests it sports a medley of spinach, basil, tomato, garlic, and feta cheese. They aren’t shy with the toppings at Arizona Pizza company. This can sometimes mean a soggier pie when it comes to the Popeye, but the flavor combination can’t be beat. If you’re going to AZP solo, you can also opt for one of their large single slices. These things are huge. If you want to snack on the giant slice, make sure to ask for it party cut. In my experience with their slices, other toppings are always top notch.

Sauce: The topping are really the star of their pizzas, and particularly the Popeye. However, their sauce is well balanced, although they can get a little heavy with it, that will also lead to a soggier pie.

Crust: Love this crust. It’s great fresh, with a nice amount of crispness, and not too thick. The slices are some of my favorite, because I love the texture the crust takes on upon reheating. It takes on an additional caramelized flavor, plus gets that signature NY style crack, and crunch. Even if you’re not getting a slice, reheating your left over whole pie in a cast-iron pan warrants the same delicious effect.

Overall, Arizona Pizza Company can seem a little on the higher end of the price range for a pizza, but their quality is very worth it. Plus, the slice is only $6 + $.50/topping. Service can be a little slow, so if you’re in a hurry, definitely plan on calling ahead. And do make your way to AZP for a slice soon. AZP gets 4 out of 5 slices.

5855 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711


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