Week 14: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Tucson

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Tucson may be one of the only coal-fired pizza ovens in town. The downside to this week, is that Grimaldi’s isn’t a local or Arizona based pizzeria. They are a national chain, but we did explore Pizza Hut’s novelty pizza, and it doesn’t get more corporate than that, so I didn’t feel too bad about hitting up another pizza chain. And if you’ve ever had a pie from Grimaldi’s, you’ll know its worth it.

Crust: They are passionate about the pizza, and the unique taste and flavor that a coal-fired oven give to the crust. All promises kept there. This was one of the most well balanced pizzas with a super tasty, ultra-thin crust, that I’ve ever had. Just look at this fold:

Sauce: Rich and tangy with a sweetness that pops at the end. It’s well balanced to the crust, and no over saucing here. It’s light, and doesn’t weigh down the pie.

Toppings: For some reason we were craving anchovies. Anchovies are delicious and I don’t care what you say. They were especially tasty on this pizza. I could have done with lower anchovy to slice ratio, because the salty taste does get a bit intense after about the third slice. The mozzarella was great, with a perfect melt and ratio on the pie.

Overall, the thing I regret most, is that because we’re trying not to visit places more than once this year, is that it might be a while before I’m back at Grimaldi’s.  I will miss it and dream about it. Grimaldi’s Pizza you get 🍕🍕🍕🍕.5 out of 5 slices.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
446 N Campbell Ave (in Sam Hughes Place)
Tucson, AZ 85719

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