Week 10: Brooklyn Pizza Company

Sky Bar Pizza Gin and Tonics
Pizza and Gin & Tonic. My favorites.

“Things that are round that I love.” What are pizza and basketball?

That’s an answer to the question in the Jeopardy game of my life. College basketball is really taxing on the schedule. So much so that this week I almost didn’t make it to get pizza. Luckily one of my favorite pizza places is owned by, and neighbors one of my favorite low-key bars in Tucson.

Brooklyn Pizza Company has been a Tucson staple. Their garlic knots are on point and they are even serving up tasty gelato. Brooklyn is also a big supporter of local non-profits and┬áthe environment. Both Brooklyn Pizza Company and neighboring Sky Bar 100% percent offset their energy usage with solar. Who doesn’t love pizza with a cause?

Because I am a fan of their New York style pizza I never really ventured past that part of the menu, but on the same day I was there to watch a U of A basketball game, I learned they also serve up a mean Sicilian pie! What?! Word on the street is that the Sicilian takes a bit longer to cook so plan ahead. And while I’m on the subject, always just plan ahead when ordering Brooklyn. In the past 5 years my call ahead orders have never been once on time. Oh the waits we will endure for a good slice…


Brooklyn Slice
I was waiting so long for this slice I couldn’t wait before taking a bite…or like 5.

Crust: On point. Thin and delicious and holds up to some of the most robust toppings. Great crunch and traditionally fold-able.

Toppings: I have never had a bad topping from Brooklyn. Our go to is usually pepperoni, but for this pie, we went vegetarian, mushroom and green olive. Options are your standards.

Sauce: Brooklyn’s sauce has never stood out to me, but it also doesn’t offend. In fact it’s always the perfect ratio to crust and toppings, so it may even be the unsung hero of their pies.

Overall, I give Brooklyn Pizza Company 🍕🍕🍕🍕 out of 5 slices. (Just always plan ahead and estimate your pizza will take an hour.) It will always be a Tucson pizza mainstay and continues to be a great value, one of the best. Grab a slice, or whole pie, and enjoy it over at Sky Bar where they serve up a tasty selection of cocktails and beer and have plenty of seating indoor and outdoor.

Brooklyn Pizza Company
534 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Bonus pics from past Brooklyn eats & Sky Bar treats:

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